Monday, March 29, 2010

Goodbye Sara, aka Ms Wiggles.

We lost one of our loved pets Friday, March 18th. Sara was one of our labs. We had two a blacklab named Roxie and Sara a yellow. We affectionately called her Ms. Wiggles because her butt would shake whenever she got excited, which was everytime you talked to her. We probably had her about four years. We actually got her as a companion for Roxie. You see they are both "outdoor" dogs, with the exception of cold weather and thunderstorms. Those drive Rox crazy and she'll claw the door till she gets in the house. Poor Rox is just laying around doing nothing. She looks so sad all the time it's hard to tell if she's moping or not. Thank you for the all the love and we'll miss you Sara, Rest in Peace!

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