Thursday, October 14, 2010

A sample of my indoor fall decorations

I add to my collection of pumpkins at the end of the season.  I love Hobby Lobby's selection and their prices are great.  Several of my ceramic pumpkins and gourds I got last season of $2-$3.  Even my husband can't complain about that.  He tries, but I don't listen. 

Here are some pics of my works in progress.

My collection of Hobby Lobby pumpkins.  You'll see some amber moon and stars dishes throughout the pics.  They were my grandmothers.

My display cabinet.  Most of the old glass and dishes are from my grandmothers collection and snow globes by mother who decided my husband needed to start collecting them.
(don't ask)

 I love my  fireplace and the floating mantel.  It's a  pretty good sized fireplace but the mantel isn't all that deep so I have to be creative.  You really can't layer anything without the risk of it falling off. 

These next few pieces of furniture actually belong to my sister in law.  They were her mothers (my mother in law).  Long story short they've been in my dining room for over six years (since we built the house) and will probablly be here as long as we are. 
Notice the coffee filter wreath.  Love it. 

In case you can't tell, I really love pumpkins.  They never go out of style.

More old dishes.  It seems my family thinks I like to collect old dishes.  Don't get me wrong I do like the dishes, some of them very much so.  But finding places to put them can be tricky.  I've got so much stuff in the buffett that the bottom has fallen out.  I need to downsize but I don't want to hurt anyone feelings.

Anyway that's just the start of what I want to accomplish.  I'm off to make another wreath I saw on another site.  Hopefully this one will be big enought to hang over the bed in our guest room. 
I'll take pics when I'm done. 

Monday, October 11, 2010

Shew, I'm definitely out of practice.

I've been so busy with school these past few months I haven't had a lot of time to post anything.  I just finished submitting my analysis paper for my first 400 level college course in 24 years.  Right now I'm taking a class on Roman's and Galatians.  The two page paper I wrote was on one verse in Galatians.  My fear is I won't sound as collegiate as my fellow classmates.  So far I'm a straight A student, for the very first time EVER!!! 
I'm hoping to start a few projects this week.  It's fall break here and I'm taking a few days off to spend with my son and husband.  I have plans for at least two wreaths and setting up the dining room table.  It took me two hours to get my mantle just the way I wanted it.  I'll post pics of that later too. 
I have so much to catch up on.  There are pictures to upload and photoshop, crafts to make and the table to set.  I may need to take an extra day.  Shew, I'm already tired.