Thursday, April 1, 2010

Chocolate Egg Topiary

I got this idea from Disney's Family Fun website.  It looked pretty simple at the time. Was it?  Yes and no!  It was simple to put together but it took forever And some of the chocolate eggs kept falling off and the cats would bat them around the floor like they were mice.  It took way more chocolate than I thought. 
You would have thought I would have stopped after the first one, but no that's not my style.  I had to keep going until I got it right.  I started with the two small one and then moved to the large one last.  I bought the bunnies at the Dollar Store.  I think I'm going to add my own ribbon around their necks.  Ribbon I also picked up at the Dollar Store.
Looks like I could have gotten the chocolate a little closer together, but I was so tired of sticking myself with the toothpicks I didn't care after a while.

I'll take more pic Saturday night when I finish my table.   I kind of like my Dollar Store bunnies. After all the chocolate is gone I'm going to hot glue tissue roses to the styrofoam balls and leave them out all through the summer.

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