Thursday, January 6, 2011

New Year,New Day.

Tonight was the first meeting of the year for our Weight Watchers meeting.  I missed the last meeting of the year but I made it tonight.  I was so sure I'd gained at least 5 lbs since I didn't count a since point during christmas.  To my surprise I lost .2lbs.  Makes me wonder what would have happened if I had paid more attention to my eating habits.  We'll see next week, won't we.

On another note.  My middle child heads back to college tomorrow from a six week break.  Our son will be an only child again.  Oh, BTW, his 16th birthday is Tuesday.   Can't wait for the stress of teaching him to drive with those size 14 feet.  All I know is he's not driving my Edge.  No way!!!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Resolutions - Here's to 2011.

Aahh, after the last post you'd think one of my resolutions would be to stop playing Angry Birds....NOT!

Here are my resolutions for 2011.
1.  Become healthier, ( I'd like to say lose weight but I know I'll fail at that.)
2.  Become more involved with church.
3.  Finish my degree program.
4.  Ask for a promotion prior to my next evaluation (which isn't until October).

Everyone has resolutions.  We all want to lose weight or stop some bad habit we have.  I just want to be a healthy happy person.  Here's to 2011.


Angry Bird

I have become addicted to that silly mobile game Angry Birds.  I blame my kids. They showed it to me and  now I'm hooked.  I fear it's going to interfear with the homework.  I'll play till my the battery runs out on my phone.  aaggghhh!!!!