Sunday, December 5, 2010

Paper Cone Wreath

Here is a wreath I've been working on for a while.  I kept running out of scrapbook paper and the only place to get my pattern was at Hobby Lobby.  Unfortunately it's not very close so I don't get there often.  I took two different patters and one solid color, rolled them each in cones folded the bottom and stapled then closed.  The green was cardstock and it didn't want to stay in a cone, but after some tape, hot glue and staples I got the cone I wanted.  After making all the cones, I glued them to in alternating order in a circle. I did this in three layers of cones and then glued a hydrangea to the center.  I thought it turned out really nice.
It's rather large but it works on the wall in the corner of my dining room.  I may move it to my stairway wall. 

Friday, December 3, 2010

For Christmas I had a little work done on myself.

I guess you could call it an early Christmas present.  I had a breast reduction.  You see, I was blessed on both sides of my family with extremely large mammory glands.  Extremely Large hooters.  I mean huge people.  I was spilling out of a DDD sized bra.  Too embarassed to get a bigger one.

Well one day I decided to go to the Dr and just see what it would take or what I would need to do to have surgery to reduce my size.  I though for sure I would be turned down by my insurance company because I'm not a small woman.  I'm 5'5" and weigh about 270lbs.  As a matter of fact the Dr did say at one time that losing weight would decrease by breast size but even that wouldn't decrease them enough.  The first thing she said when she came in the exam room was, "my you are big".  She was talking about my breast.... I think?? 

Anyway, long story short, insurance approved the surgery.  No co-insurance, no co-pays, nothing out of pocket.  However, I had until Dec 31st to have the surgery.  Not a good time for some people but perfect for me I guess.  On Dec 1 I had over 8 lbs of  breast tissue removed from my chest.  I'm not sure what size I'm going to end up at because I'm still pretty swollen but I love it so far. 

I'm going to try and get back to work by Dec 11th.  It seems there's always a little drama when I go out of town or take time off from work.  It's time I get control over my office and my life.

Why is it when I think I have things under control and everyone is content I'm wrong.  Maybe I'll get it figured out next year.  2011 here I come.