Monday, March 29, 2010

Goodbye Sara, aka Ms Wiggles.

We lost one of our loved pets Friday, March 18th. Sara was one of our labs. We had two a blacklab named Roxie and Sara a yellow. We affectionately called her Ms. Wiggles because her butt would shake whenever she got excited, which was everytime you talked to her. We probably had her about four years. We actually got her as a companion for Roxie. You see they are both "outdoor" dogs, with the exception of cold weather and thunderstorms. Those drive Rox crazy and she'll claw the door till she gets in the house. Poor Rox is just laying around doing nothing. She looks so sad all the time it's hard to tell if she's moping or not. Thank you for the all the love and we'll miss you Sara, Rest in Peace!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

The start of a new hobbie, Cookies

Last Christmas I decided to make sugar cookies and decorate them.  Actually, I had some preformed cookie dough I bought for a fund raiser and bake a decorated those first.  The first batch turned out pretty good and I had a lot of fun making them.  When those ran out I decided to make another batch.  I wasn't ready to make the dough from scratch so I bought a mix.  Fortunately for me I already had several cookie cutters.  This time I got a little adventurous with the decorating.  I made my own icing and bought some pipping bags and decorating tips.  They turned out okay. 
Then in February I decided to have a shower for my niece.  She's having a boy so I decided the theme would be onsies.  I have another niece who makes great cakes and left that to her.  I however decide to make and decorate onsie cookies.  I'm not the greatest but it was a lot of fun and I can't wait to learn more.
Hey from the looks of these pictures, it can only get better. Right??

Saturday, March 27, 2010

A busy day and a forgetful night

We finally got the front flower garden weeded and ready for mulch.  That was some effort from two people who don't get around as well as we used too.  For those of you who don't know about me or my family.  We have had our fair share of health issues.  Our youngest daughter, Olivia, has a few screws in her ankle courtesy of a soccer game.  I have a rod and about eight screw in my leg and knee because I can't seem to go down three steps with falling and my husband, bless his heart is the worst.  He has become what I affectionately call our Transformer.  He was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis when he was 30, he'll be 50 on July 4th. Due to some issue with old Arthur and MRSA, he has had a knee replacement, wrist replacement and most recently a hip replacement.  Did I say he'll be 50 this July.  A lot of hardware for a young man. 
Now you know why it was a feat for us to get that dang garden weeded.  We also cleaned the basement and I straightened the house while Darryl took our trash to the county dump.  All of this after we attempted to go to watch our son play baseball.  Yes, I said attempted, because apparently the other team didn't have us on their schedule, so needless to day we were came back home and started our chores.
Later tonight we went over to my brother and sister-in-law to watch the NCAA tournaments.  That didn't turn out like we'd hoped either.  Kentucky lost to West Virginia.  But the biggest disappointment of the day came on the ride home when it dawned on my I broke my Lenten promise.  I promised to give up soda and chocolate.  I ate chocolate.  Most specifically a couple, okay four, pieces of a chocolate chip cookie decorated with blue and white icing that said UK.  I had been doing so well.  I have avoid both chocolate and soda successfully until tonight. 
I can't tell you how bad I felt.  I know the Lord will forgive me, it just disappoints me that I didn't make it.  I will complete the rest of Lent without another piece of chocolate.  I'm sorry.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Get the party started

This is my second attempt at a blog.  I started one prior to this one that I have kept private as a way to express myself.  Then I started to enjoy the process and decided to start a second one just for fun.  This one will show off my family and our adventures and daily life.  I hope to improve posts as time goes on.
Let's get this party started.