Monday, August 30, 2010

Homework and Spaghetti Mondays!!

I have two major papers to write tonight and have posted by midnight EST.  One I'll get finished the other I probably won't make the deadline for.  Dang it!!!  It's not that I wait till the last minute, it just took me four days to finish the first paper.  I have one class that usually requires three papers a week.  So I finish two a struggle with the third.  Oh well, I'll get it done if I have to work all night.  My son has a baseball game tomorrow night and family is first. 
What else is on the agenda for the week.  Candy making.  Another food related contest at work next week and I'm hoping to make the following:  Mini candy apples, candy corn fudge, cinnamon hazelnut toffee and smores chocolate cups.  I'll take pics of the process and post them.  Wish me luck.

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