Sunday, February 13, 2011

Soooo much to do.

This month is my step father 80th birthday.  He's such a great guy.  My mom, his daughter and I are going to have an open house (at my house) to celebrate his birthday.  So far we've sent out over 50 invitations and expect to have about 100 people through the day.  We're going to have a small buffet and a dessert table.  Tonight I started baking the cupcakes we're going to serve.  There's going to be a mix of vanilla, chocolate and red velvet. I decided to make them ahead of time a freeze them.  I hope it's going to work.  Since the party is on a Saturday, I plan on taking them out of the freezer Thursady night.   We'll frost and decorate them Friday.  I working on a cupcakes stand in the a blue and brown color them.  I'll take pics of the stand when I start putting it together.  Plus the cupcakes when we start decorating them.  Wish me luck.

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