Sunday, February 27, 2011

Party with Papa John

My step-father turn 80 years old on Feb 24th.  Yesteday his daughter, my mother and I had a little celebration for him at my house.  Of course I say "little" with sarcasm.  We ended up having an open house instead of a party and the little turned out to be about 100 people. Yes, there were  100 people in by house between the hours of 3pm - 8pm.  Believe it or not there is still a ton of food left.  My job beside providing the location was to make cupcakes and sides.  For the side I made potato salad, pasta salad, fresh fruit salad with honey, lime and balamic vinegart dressing.  Relish tray and vegetable trays.   I was most proud of the cupcakes.  I made just about 200 cupcakes with buttercream icing.  The cupcakes themselves were "semi-homemade".  I used box mixes with a little added touches of my own.  But the icing was completely from scratch.  We had chocolate espresso with chocolate espresso kaluha frosting, vanilla with dreamsicle frosting and classic red velvet.  Thanks to my daughters Amanda  for helping with the frosting and decorating and Olivia her roommate Kayla for helping with the setup. 

Here are a few pics.

BTW, the cupcake stand is made from cake cardboard, scrap paper, and ribbon. 

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