Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Where have I been??????

It's been forever since I've posted anything. I've been so busy trying to get through high school baseball season and finishing up my first online class towards my bachelors degree. I didn't realize how time consuming one class could be!!
Here a few new happening on Eminence Pike.
1. I got my hands on a Canon Rebel Xsi camera last week. Now I have to figure how to use it. It's addicting. Now all I can think about is getting more lenses for it. I'll post some pics soon.
2. Celebrated my oldest graduating from Univeristy of Kentucky with Bachelors of Arts degree in Sociology. What she's going to do with her life has yet to be determined but at least she'll have a degree. Right?
3. Brought daughter no. 2 home from college with all of her "stuff".  Stuff that's still piled up in daughter no.1 bedroom. My baby daddy is about to have a coronary because she isn't making any effort to put anything away.
4. Celebrated a wonderful Mother's day with my family. We tooks some pretty good pics and was entertained by the youngest member of our family, Rylee Grace. She's a hoot and her mom has a blog. Check her out here.
5. I've finished some crafts that I've seen on other sites. I'll post those later too.
Those are just of few of the things I've be up to lately. I'll get my pics posted soon, I promise.

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